Old Machine Repair & Retrofitting

Services Available Include:
  • Inspection of old machine to identify repair works needed
  • Submission of Repair, Reconditioning or Retrofitting Proposal
  • Provision of new parts & equipment + Electrical Works Repair/Fittings
  • Carry out works inside our shop as well as at site where suitable

  • Test running of completed works to achieve blasting quality expected
  • Technical documentation & handing over equipment to client

WEBLAST has in stock a wide range of parts needed for blasting machine;
  • The main blasting cabinet 
Blast lining manganese steel plates, high chromium steel fastener, rollers, cabinet seal, rubber curtain or polycarbonate fingers
  • The blast Wheel Units
Consisting of the motor, housing, side liners, end liners, top liner, blade cage, wheel blades, control tube, impeller, feed chute, abrasive valves and abrasive hose
  • The Material Handling Conveyor
This could be rollers, overhead chain hangers, motor & drives mechanism, belts, chains
  • The Abrasive Recovery System
The screw conveyors, bucket elevator, air wash separator, rotary screen
  • The Dust Collector
Ventilation design and collector sizing with full range of parts; sock type filter bags, filter cartridges, diaphragm valves, reverse pulse jet cleaning & timer control panel, duct works, centrifugal fan, rotary gate valves
  • The Control System
The electrical control design, provision of component parts in combination of pneumatic system and hydraulic system where it is needed

Dust Collectors

Conventional Cartridge Collector

Model CDC4

Model CDC18
Model CDC Dust Collector
CDC4         2000CFM        3HP
CDC6         3000CFM        5HP
CDC8         4000CFM        7.5HP
CDC12       6000CFM        10HP
CDC18       9000CFM        15HP
CDC24      12000CFM       20HP
CDC36      18000CFM       30HP
 Filter Cartridge Type
 Eg. CDC4 = 4 Cartridges
 Cartridge Model 660FA325
 Height 660mm x Diameter 325mm 
 Filter Efficiency 90-95%
 Automatic Pulse Jet Reverse Filter Cleaning System


Down Flow Type Cartridge Collectors


Model CFM HP
Model Naming, Eg. 2DF8 = 2 rows 8 cartridges
Cartridge Code 660DO325 size 660mmH x Diameter 325mm Filter efficiency 90-95%
Automatic pulse jet reverse filter cleaning system installed

Sock Type Filter Bag Dust Collector

Model FbDc Filter bag type collector installed for blasting rooms

Full Line Supplies for your own DIY needs; 
  • Design detailed drawings
  • Fabrication of steel works
  • Various filter material as choice
  • Automated cleaning control unit
  • Centrifugal suction fan of all sizes
  • Explosion proof setup available
  • Lasting galvanized duct works
  • All environment friendly installation

Design sized to meet your specific required air flow capacity.

DIY Your Own Blasting Equipment
Buy Parts From Us!
We represent WEBLAST & WBM
In provision of parts & technical support sales
We are FULL-LINE SUPPLIER for all items you may need to build a machine type Rotary Table, Tumblast, Spinner Hanger, Monorail, Roll-Conveyor, Skew-Roll Pipe, Suction Blast Cabinet, Air Filters, Automated Components & Electrical Control system or components.       Call Us to Discuss Your Needs

Centrifugal type wheel that does the propelling of abrasive at a continuous high speed stream of shots hitting the material surface resulting in surface cleaning, was invented in the early years of 1900. 
The blast wheel has since been redesigned and fine tuned many times in application methods and advancing material technology. The nature of severe wear and tear in abrasive blasting requires the wheel component to be made durable for a reasonable operation time before changing the parts. 

Each blast wheel cleaning capacity is defined by its related horsepower rating. WEBLAST can supply the full range that might be needed for a job. Generally, we recommend the sizes below:

HP 5.5 10 15 20 25 30 50
Kw 4 7.5 11 15 18.5 22.5 37.5
Call us to find out what horsepower of the blast wheel is suitable for your application.

Buying Parts for DIY Projects

We show you a partial list of items needed for your DIY projects here.


Blast Pots & Related Parts

Blast pots are pressurized, tank like containers, filled with abrasive material, used to allow an adjustable amount of blasting grit into the main blasting line.
We are importing all items suitable for your application. Call us to check on stock available.

The most productive combination of parts for a blast pot assembly allows for shut-off of compressed air and abrasive grits separately. A handy radio signal button switches control such,


Button Combination Air Valve Grit Valve
0  0
1  0
1  1

This allows full control by the blaster himself without assistance from others to begin the air line, turn on the grit valve, shutting off the grit valve only & finally shut off the air supply.
The abrasive valve has a full adjustment range for abrasive flow from very small to maximum. It also means the possibility of changing blast gun size with a smaller hose for different types of work. Allowing full capability in a single blast pot combination.

Wet Blast Cleaning

Do you have soiled & dirty equipment such as an excavator or truck that requires old paint removal for recoating works?

We can provide non-destructive dust free wet blast reconditioning equipment for such cleaning purposes.

Model DB225 Blast Tank Specification Includes:

  • 2 Cubic foot capacity
  • 15mL blast hose
  • 30 mins blasting time per fill
  • Deadman safety valve
  • Compressor needed 185CFM 50HP
  • Size 1.4m x 660mmH x 870mmL
  • Boron carbide nozzle
  • Weight 120kg
  • Filling funnel with screen
Other model DB500 etc of bigger capacity

Summarized Product Brochures

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Filter Bag Dust Collector

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Blast Pot & Parts

Wet Blast Apply

Airblast Cabinets


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